What are our tips for winning at rugby betting?

The first of our tips for winning at rugby betting is a concept that you should apply to all your sports betting: first and foremost, have fun! Play for fun, responsibly, without financial risk and – after a few months – if you find that your winnings are consistent, you can think about taking sports betting more seriously.

Bankroll management in rugby betting

In rugby betting, bankroll management means that you should never bet more than a certain amount on a specific bet. This allows you to better cope with periods of ‘variance’ which can sometimes see you lose money for weeks on end, even if your predictions are well thought out and sensible. 

Let’s take the following example to illustrate what we mean; La Rochelle – Clermont (Top 14): 

  • Despite their home game, you are convinced that the away club will manage to create a small surprise (3.5 to 1 on Unibet). 
  • In addition, the climate seems particularly favourable to Clermont-Ferrand. You therefore decide to bet heavily on a Clermont victory.

You can then bet between 2 and 3% of your available money for sports betting (the bankroll) but not more. This way, any losses you may have will pass more easily.

If your bet turns out to be successful, you should never regret not having bet more money, quite the contrary. The pride of not having taken financial risks and of ensuring stability (or even better!) in the long term should be your dominant feeling.

Focus on the Top 14 and the 6 Nations Tournament

rugby tournaments

Although it is possible to bet on other leagues and competitions such as the Mitre 10 Cup, the Pro 14 or other leagues in South Africa, Australia and many others, we advise you to focus on the Top 14 and the 6 Nations Tournament. The reason is simple: information on these two rugby competitions is numerous and almost innumerable, while at the same time, the other championships receive very little attention in the French-speaking sports press. In any case, specialising is always a good idea in sports betting.

Don’t bet with your heart but with your common sense

Without mentioning any names, one of the members of the Parissportifs.com team is an absolute fan of Aviron Bayonnais. Let’s be clear: this Basque club (as well as their rivals Biarritz) means a lot to us! Does that mean that, as a fan, you should bet on them blindly? You probably know the answer. Even if your club is ultra-dominant (PSG in football for example), betting according to your heart will always be a bad decision in the long run. You should only be looking for value, and if that value means betting against your club, you should have no problem with that. 

How to take advantage of sports betting bonuses and promotions to bet on rugby?

rugby betting tips

In a world as competitive as that of sports betting (no less than 15 bookmakers are approved by the ANJ, the French regulatory authority), it goes without saying that all the sites offer bonuses and promotions, each more attractive than the last. Their aim is to attract (and keep!) their French-based players at all costs and you should not hesitate to take advantage of this to bet on rugby with higher odds. The following three bonuses and promotions could help you do just that: 

Welcome bonuses from French betting sites: if you had to take advantage of only one bonus to start your adventure in the world of sports betting in the most comfortable way possible, it is the refunded bets if you lose offered by all French bookmakers. They allow you to bet between 100 and 150 dollars on your first bet, without taking any risk, as they are refunded if you are unlucky.

Boosted odds: even though rugby sports betting odds tend to be low compared to other sports (there is often a super favourite and a very large underdog), boosted odds allow you to improve your potential win. There are a lot of them on the French rugby team matches and you should take advantage of them.

Freebets: Free bets are probably the most common form of promotion for active punters at a bookmaker. Using certain challenges offered to players, you will be able to use a free bet on a rugby match if you complete the challenge in question.