Rugby: Best betting tips

If you think about it, rugby is a special sport in the world of French sport. Just like motor sports in Italy, cycling in Belgium or US Soccer in the US, rugby is the number one sport after football. It is therefore no surprise that this sport is very often favoured and highlighted on approved sports betting sites.

We hope this will make you a good rugby punter – able to combine responsible play with maximising winnings in the best possible way!

What are the most popular rugby bets?

Unsurprisingly (apart from during a Rugby World Cup of course), betting on the Top 14 and Six Nations matches is the most popular in the French rugby betting world. Here we are particularly interested in the most popular types of bets in our country. The following list seemed relevant and, especially as a beginner player, it is important to always know how to bet on the following rugby bets.

How to bet on single bets in rugby?

The principle (1N2) is exactly the same as in football. You bet on the home team, a very (too!) unlikely draw or the away team. This type of betting is the most common in rugby sports betting and if we had to give you only one piece of advice, it would be to beware of too small odds. Even though clubs like Toulon and Racing 92 (especially at home) are often favourites, surprises are not impossible. Betting a lot of money on odds below 1.2 / 1.3 does not make sense in the long run.

How to bet on rugby combination bets?

rugby combination bets

Even if it is relatively rare to hear about combined bets on rugby, they are nevertheless frequent, especially via the betting grids available on Parions Sport. However, we do not advise you to include more than 3 combined bets if you want to play serious sports betting with a good bankroll management.

How to bet on the winners of rugby competitions?

Although not as common as betting on the winners of specific matches, competition winners bets are very popular in the world of rugby. Our articles on Top 14 champion odds or Six Nations winner odds should be of particular interest to you but, in short, it is advisable to only bet on these types of bets ‘for fun’ as they are played over the very long term. 

How do you bet on try scorers in rugby?

bet on Rugby

Unlike most team sports such as football or basketball (we recommend our basketball guide if you want to know more), rugby is not really a sport where betting on a specific player is recommended. In fact, it is quite rare that sportsbooks offer you – for example – to bet on the best scorer of a match. 

Among other examples, rugby betting offers you to bet on the position (back or front) of the first player to score. In any case, even if a bet on an individual rugby player is available, we do not recommend it: with a minimum of 30 players on the field and injuries being very frequent, it is too complicated to predict individual events.

What are the most popular side bets in rugby?

Due to the greater complexity of the sport, there are fewer secondary bets on rugby than on most other sports offered to punters. We suspect that some of you will still be attracted to secondary bets such as “Will there be a drop out during the match?”, “Will there be an attacking bonus? “or the “winner’s points margin”.