Best keno casino: can I use a strategy to increase my chances of winning?

Whether you can influence your chances of winning at keno casinos is of course an intriguing question. There is no possibility of trying to figure out which numbers are drawn. Unlike poker, for example, you can’t try to predict a certain outcome and make your bets based on those. But as I said, games of chance have a storm charm, and it is exciting to see if you are lucky at the best keno casinos!

When you say keno, most casino players probably think of the draw that takes place on television, but the fact is that you can find several keno slots online, although it is not as common as it is with, for example, slot games Online Keno. There are several advantages: among other things, there is a higher chance of winning in online keno lotteries. Online Keno, Keno lottery tickets that you buy in a shop will give you winnings at a minimum of three right, but with an online Keno lottery ticket you will win at a minimum of two right.

In addition, the winning amounts tend to be generally higher. In addition, you don’t have to wait for a draw – the keno draw starts as soon as you have chosen the number. You can also find several different versions of keno online, and from several different game providers. It is not uncommon for there to be up to four different keno games in an online casino. They all have different features with some of them having a really high jackpot, and another one may have extra features.

Plus, it’s more environmentally friendly to buy a digital ticket instead of a paper one! Sometimes you’ll even find keno in a “video keno” version which is perhaps more similar to slot games. Here the house edge is lower, the game runs much faster and the bet levels are lower which may attract more people who might otherwise be sceptical about trying a keno game.

Play keno online and follow the exciting draw

play keno online

Watching the draw on TV is fun and exciting – but how does it work if you choose to play keno online? One big advantage of playing keno online is that you don’t have to go and wait for the result. And hand on heart, who likes to walk and wait? Instead, you get the result instantly. Maybe it was a win?

If you want to play Keno on TV, we will of course also give you the broadcast times. The Keno draw runs every day and is broadcast live on TV4. Different times apply for weekends and weekdays. If it’s a weekday, the draw will run at 18:50. On Saturdays and Sundays, however, the time is 17:55. If you play keno in this form, you must have submitted your keno line by 18:25 on weekdays. If you play on the weekend, the time is 17:25 to be entered into the draw.

Winning chances at the best keno casinos

If you choose to play keno online, it’s good to know that each level of play has its own winning plan. If you look at each paytable, you can see how many correct numbers are needed for them to become a win. Furthermore, you can also see how big the payout will be for the different outcomes. Winning plans in keno UK casinos are always fixed. But remember that they can be adjusted if you choose to increase the bet in keno casinos. Also, don’t forget that the more numbers you play with, the lower your chances of winning the game. On the other hand, if you manage to get more numbers right in keno casinos, the prize pool increases.

Play keno on your mobile

keno online game

Is it possible to play keno on your mobile? The answer to that question is of course! If you want to play keno on your mobile, just log on to your favourite casino via your mobile and try your luck in a few keno rows. Playing keno on mobile is fun and easy – and we think this is actually a perfect game for mobile gaming. You can choose to play keno for real money on your mobile or you can choose to play keno online in a so-called demo mode. This means that you don’t bet any real money, but just try it out and get to know the game. If you feel that this is the game for you, you can then choose to play keno for real money. The choice is entirely yours!