What is Live Blackjack online?

There are many online casino games with live versions that are explicitly defined by their live nature. You may already be a fan of these web-based games, but have you heard of live blackjack? Or in other words, the art of beating the dealer at home. Online Blackjack is basically a version of Blackjack played from your computer. It combines the online experience with real-world services for the ultimate in player satisfaction. Just like the traditional physical game, the dealer deals the cards to each player. The rules remain unchanged, your main objective is to get as close as possible to the number 21 without ever exceeding it! A unique experience from the best land-based casinos operating on the web.

How does live casino blackjack work?

Casino Live Blackjack

Just like the traditional version, the live casino blackjack obeys the same rules, here is a reminder of these rules:

  1. Each player receives two cards, the dealer also receives two cards at the end of the deal.
  2. Depending on the cards you are dealt, you will have to choose between taking a card, doing nothing, splitting your hand or giving up.
  3. The goal is to get as close as possible to 21 without going over. If you go over, you lose. The dealer must never be less than 17 to win, which implies obligations on your part.
  4. If you get the closest score to 21 or,21, you win the game. All players are allied against the dealer.

A redundant game for the regular casino player, but one that will surely allow you to leave the blackjack table with the best winnings.

What are the live blackjack bonuses?

Play Live Blackjack

A topic that online casino players love the most, what bonuses will be available in live blackjack? Just as traditional online casino platforms do, you will be eligible for many bonuses. We detail all of these exclusive bonuses here:

The welcome bonus: nothing like it for all newcomers and blackjack beginners. Get your hands dirty by acquiring a starting bonus. This can range from $50 to $3000 depending on the site. It will guarantee you many practice games without too much apparent stress.

The deposit bonus: choose your bet up to a certain threshold defined by the online casino brand. Your stake is generally doubled or even tripled depending on the proposals made by the online casino site.

The no deposit bonus: ideal to get your hands on blackjack, it will allow you to play without depositing any money! The only negative point is the small amount of money you can get.

All these bonuses generally offered by the online casino interfaces will allow you to get your hands on live blackjack online.