Have you noticed active people in their late 20s say that they can’t be like how they were in their early 20s; well that ladies and gentlemen is ageing. Ageing is going to affect all of us, and we need to start making changes to our diets and start understanding the relationship between the kind of food we eat and the kind of effects it has on our body. Here we look at ways older people can maintain a healthy diet.

1. Know what you eat

You can look at the USDA charts to understand what should go on your plate. But the USDA recently released “MyPlate” which gives a graphic that can be used to understand how the five food groups should be present on your plate. These food groups are your essential nutrient blocks.

2. Variety


People think that old people food can be boring and mundane. But that’s only if we let it be. Old people need to eat from a number of different sources to gain nutrients that may not be available from one food source alone. Your plate needs to have lean proteins, fruits & vegetables, whole grains and low-fat dairy products. Make sure to have food that is rich in fibre and avoid foods with a high quantity of sodium or salt. Try to consume foods high in vitamin D, which is especially important for our skin. And as we age, taking care of our skin can become extremely tiresome.

3. Read the Label

Whole-grains are the way to go, they provide you with high fibre content and are extremely nutritious, but everybody likes to indulge in packaged foods once in a while. So make sure to take your reading glasses to the grocery store, have a close eye on the type of packaged product your buying along with nutrient intake you’ll receive as a result of consuming that product. Once you are aware of the nutrient make-up of the product, buy other grocery items to either nullify the effects of the packaged product or buy products that are required to fill up the nutrient intake for each day for you. So for example, if you buy a can of tuna, then you don’t need to buy eggs at all.

It is going to be about balancing the books at the end of the day, keep track of what you eat and make sure to indulge from time to time.