The rights of senior citizens in the US are muddled in the bureaucracy of regulations and sub-laws, the senior citizens are also expected to be aware of the varying federal, state and local laws. To make things easier, we suggest you get the help of a lawyer and that this article should only be used to understand the basics of the rights that are available to senior citizens.

There are certain times when you would require legal assistance; we have jotted few such occasions:

1. If you die without a will in the State of Florida, then the state distributes the assets to people according to a fixed formula. The big drawback is that you will have no control over who gets your fortune if you fail to make a will.

2. If you wish to buy or sell valuable land.

3. If you have been discriminated because of your age; fired, refused promotion or credit.

4. If anyone threatens you to evict or leave your home.

5. If your right to visit your grandchildren is threatened because your son or daughter got a divorce.

6. If your company withholds the pension, you paid for while working there.

7. If bill collectors annoy or frustrate you at times when you are unavailable or are indulging in some form of leisure.

Government Benefits


Government benefits depend on federal, state and local laws but most of these regulatory bodies set-up agencies through which senior citizens can apply for benefits and perks. If by any chance you feel the agency has wronged you then get it in writing so that you can file an appeal. Before filing an appeal make sure to consult with your attorney. There is the possibility that your matter will be solved by the appeals board but in the case that you don’t agree with the decision, you are allowed to take the matter to court.

Social Security

Social Security will provide you with a cheque every month in the case of retirement, disability or death. The amount of money that you get is the same amount that you as a worker put into the social security fund. Call up the nearest social security office and find out whether you apply for the benefits or not. The social security office can be contacted by calling 1-800-772-1213.

Other rights include supplemental security income, Medicaid, Medicare, food stamps, publicly supported housing, pension rights, etc.